Today I am going to do everything I shouldn’t. I am going to start by throwing away my lucky rabbits foot, then I am going to find a black cat so it can walk in my path-walk under a ladder- open an umbrella in the house. Then I am going to look in the mirror and call the candy man 3 times then break all the mirrors in the house. Happy Friday the 13th everyone.








The Royals are in the Wild Card World Series. We Kansas city fans wanted another I-70 series but the gods of baseball wasn’t’ having it. After a 29 year drought of no post seasons, several bad years of let downs and disappointments and a exciting up and down season, they have made it back to the highest pinnacle of baseball. How dare we dream that they can take the crown!

The team to beat is the National league champion San Francisco Giants, winners of 2 of the last 4 World Series. This team has a deep history of winning. Only in sports can match up people from 2 different realms of the universe to accomplish the same goal. Both teams have been hot during the playoffs with great pitching and hitting.

It is so great to finally be in the World Series again, and see this town get so excited for one common goal. Total strangers getting along and able to bond and have fun together. It has been a fun ride so far and I look forward to the Royals taking the Crown.


My watch died today I don’t know when, I looked down at it this morning to check the time and the screen was blank. I pushed on the buttons trying to get it come back to life even though I knew the buttons had quit working a couple years ago. It was kinda like giving it CPR, it did beep a couple times which surprised me
Even when the buttons quit working I kept wearing it I didn’t care. I couldn’t change the time or any of the settings on it. Since I couldn’t change the settings the alarm was set to go off every night at midnight which drove the wife nuts. She hated this watch I bet she’ll be dancing a jig tonight.
In the spring when we spring the clocks forward one hour I couldn’t which explains why I am always an hour late to everything.
Rest in peace old watch. The bright side to all this is that I guess I’m in the market for a new watch


Here is a picture of my dog Buster. I had been trying to get a random picture of him when he was very close to the camera for a couple of days. But the pictures would never come out the way I wanted it.

It would be either blurry because he does not stay still very long, or get an angle of him I didn’t want. Then suddenly he just sat down and posed perfectly for this one shot.



I bought an Easter flag on line a few months ago to hang for the Easter weekend. When I buy flags I usually make sure that they are double sided and read correctly from both sides. I hate when they don’t read correctly on both sides and if they don’t read correctly I do not buy them.


I thought that I had checked it when I received it. I must have either looked at it wrong or I didn’t  check it at all. When I put it up this past weekend I was so upset to discover that it did not read correctly, I was cussing myself  for not noticing this sooner.


I went ahead and flew it for this Easter but will need to look for another one for next year, that I will be happy with. But I have to wonder why the flag manufactures would make flags this way? Who would want to fly a flag that does not read correctly on one side?

When you fly a flag you want people to be able to view and read the flag no matter which side of the flag they are viewing it from. Who wants to read it backwards. I have been told that maybe it is cheaper to make them this way but I don’t believe that either.

Hopefully I will not make this mistake again and you won’t have to read my rants of unreadable flags.