My watch died today I don’t know when, I looked down at it this morning to check the time and the screen was blank. I pushed on the buttons trying to get it come back to life even though I knew the buttons had quit working a couple years ago. It was kinda like giving it CPR, it did beep a couple times which surprised me
Even when the buttons quit working I kept wearing it I didn’t care. I couldn’t change the time or any of the settings on it. Since I couldn’t change the settings the alarm was set to go off every night at midnight which drove the wife nuts. She hated this watch I bet she’ll be dancing a jig tonight.
In the spring when we spring the clocks forward one hour I couldn’t which explains why I am always an hour late to everything.
Rest in peace old watch. The bright side to all this is that I guess I’m in the market for a new watch

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