Was out deer hunting earlier this season with my nephew during the youth hunt. We were hunting in a one room cabin that set on the edge of a small field and was surrounded by the woods. The cabin had no heat or electricity or running water. The property owner calls it a cabin but I would call it an over-sized yet perfect ground deer stand.

After sitting in this cabin for the better part of the morning and not see anything come trough, it starts to get quite boring for a young lad who is not used to sitting still and being quiet. Even I was yawning and dozing off.

When suddenly the high light of our morning appeared before our eyes. While looking out the window we noticed a caterpillar crawling on the window sill. I grabbed my phone and recorded the following videos.



While we were visiting some friends in Oklahoma, we decided to take a tour of the Pensacola Dam. Just as the tour guide was going to take us inside the dam, we noticed this helicopter coming in for a landing.

Then after taking the tour and was heading back to our car we got to see the same  helicopter take off. Sometimes timing is everything.